SCT delivers cleanroom panels from China to Ireland

Published: 12-Jul-2023

The China-based turnkey cleanroom provider has provided a huge amount of different construction elements for the project in Ireland

Suzhou Super Clean Technology has delivered a 2*40HQ container for a cleanroom project in Ireland.

This milestone was hit following one month of production and packaging. 

"The main products are cleanroom panels, cleanroom doors, airtight sliding doors, roller shutter doors, cleanroom windows, pass boxes, FFU, clean closets, wash sinks and other related fittings and accessories," SCT commented.

Commenting on the process, SCT explained that the container schematic evolved a lot from the initial plan, but the workers were very flexible to get it done. "We did fully inspect all products and components and even did testing for some clean equipment such as pass box, FFU, FFU controller, etc," SCT added. "Actually, we were still discussing this project during production and even when the client required us to add door closers and FFU controllers."

SCT delivers cleanroom panels from China to Ireland

"To tell the truth, this was a very small project but we spent half a year discussing with the client from initial planning to final order. It will also take one more month by sea to destination seaport," SCT stated.

The clean room project installation guide document and some user's manual were also sent to the client.

In its conclusion, the feedback was very good for SCT, as the client said they were very satisfied with the service and will be returning to them in three months with another cleanroom project.



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