Rieke pump provides accurate dosing for hygiene products

Published: 15-Mar-2010

Cleaning products group JohnsonDiversey UK has turned to Rieke Dispensing to provide the pump closures for a range of hospital hygiene products that fight diseases such as MRSA.

The four products in the Soft Care brand are Lotionised Handwash, a 1-litre hand wash lotion formulated for frequent use; Derm, a 500ml reconditioning cream; Sensisept, an antimicrobial wash lotion effective against micro-organisms including MRSA; and Med, an alcohol cleansing gel based on a blend of propanols instead of the more conventional ethanol.

Soft Care Med is effective against MRSA, Norovirus and many flu type viruses, including H1N1 swine flu. Its thicker formulation is also unpalatable, preventing consumption. In addition, it has a flashpoint of 24°C while normal ethanol products are 19°C.

All four products have been fitted with the Rieke RS3 pump, which delivers a 1ml dose and can be used with liquids of a variety of viscosities. In addition, it can be locked down when not in use and is 100% shower proof.

Emma Phillips, product manager, Personal Care and OPL at JohnsonDiversey UK, said the dosing accuracy, user convenience and versatility of the RS3 pump, means the same design could be used across several products to maintain branding uniformity and logistics efficiency.

The products that are now under contract with NHS Supplies in England, Scotland and Wales.

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