Quality compliant HVAC energy reduction

Published: 7-Jan-2014

Case study shows reduced energy demand without compromising on quality compliance

Sector: Pharmaceutical

Client: Global pharmaceutical manufacturer

Location: Tennessee, USA

Project Challenge

Very high energy demand of pharmaceutical warehouse driven by the original HVAC design and layout.

Project Brief

Reduce energy demand without compromising on quality compliance.


  • Reduce existing air change rates
  • Reduce existing fresh air volume
  • Install new VSDs to the 100kW supply air fans
  • Replace the existing supply air diffusers to improve air distribution
  • Use existing warehouse HVAC system to serve retained samples store
  • Risk-based approach to mitigate potential 'out of condition' impact


Annual energy savings: 1,950 MWh

Energy cost savings: US$135,000

Emissions reduction: 917 tonnes CO2

Simple payback: 1.5 years

Capital cost avoidance: $35,000


EECO2 supported HVAC design review, project scoped out and local contractors bid to complete project. Warehouse is now successfully completed and leased out.


'This project was key for delivering the sites 2010 energy target. It exemplifies how the proper air flow & fresh air can contribute significant energy savings. This type of project will be replicated in the remaining areas of our facility.' - Site Director

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