Editor's comment: Tell the industry your business is unique

By Murielle Gonzalez | Published: 10-Jun-2019

Reap the rewards, share the news and create a buzz

As the June issue went to press, the news about JD Cooling, the winner of this year's Cleanroom Technology Award for Best Facility, made headlines on our website with a recent project delivered to a Formula 1 team in the UK.

The project is a testament to the thriving business of the temperature control specialist. It's also proof that the need for critical production environments is on the rise beyond just the GMP requirements of the pharmaceutical industry; the traditional market for years.

Our Europe market report featured in this issue echoes the trend. It might only be a snapshot of the marketplace but the beauty of it is that companies reveal their plans to overcome the uncertainty around Brexit. The message is clear: new products hitting the market in 2019 cast a spell of optimism in growth opportunities.

The Cleanroom Technology Awards underpins our efforts to provide a business-to-business platform for everyone in the industry. I'd like to thank all the speakers, exhibitors, sponsors, and attendees to our conference in Birmingham. And, of course, congratulations to the award winners Isoone, Veltek, Asgard and JD Cooling. I trust the accolade is a boon to business and a credit to their brands. Reap the rewards, share the news and create a buzz!

N.B. This editor's comment is featured in the June 2019 issue of Cleanroom Technology. The latest digital edition is available online.

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