Protos 3 colony counter saves time and improves accuracy

Published: 15-Jan-2015

Has the ability to count colonies in seconds

Synbiosis, a manufacturer of automated microbiological systems, has added the Protos 3 automated colony counting and chromogenic identification system to its portfolio.

The Protos 3 system is able to count colonies in seconds and identify microbial species by their colour on chromogenic plates, which saves time by providing accurate, objective and fully traceable GLP compliant results.

The bright red Protos 3 features a highly sensitive CCD camera combined with three-colour LED lighting, which rapidly images an infinite number of colony colours on one plate and detects colonies as small as 0.043mm.

The machine's software then generates true to life counts and plate images, which can be transferred and stored in Excel. This GLP compliant process, with its full audit trail, eliminates keying and image transfer errors and provides accurate, objective data, which can be reviewed anywhere and at any time.

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