PharmaLine PQ UV disinfection system guarantees water quality


Advanced controller continuously calculates the dose

PharmaLine PQ monitor

PharmaLine PQ monitor

Hanovia, a UV disinfection technology specialist, has introduced the PharmaLine PQ UV system for the pharmaceutical industry that guarantees water of the highest quality as demanded by regulatory bodies such as the US FDA (including Good Manufacturing Practice).

Halim Mirza, Hanovia’s global business manager for industrial applications views the PharmaLine PQ UV as a kind of ‘policeman’ offering peace of mind that processes are safe.

‘This is because its disinfection performance and dose calculation has been verified by a third party. The advanced controller continuously calculates the dose, responding to changes in water quality, and will alarm should the dose deviate from the set limits. Comprehensive validation documentation is also available to enable the UV system’s performance to be verifiable throughout its operation period,’ he said.

The PharmaLine PQ is for high purity applications with optimised flow rates. All wetted parts of are made from FDA-compliant materials and the system is approved to international standards including CE, UL, NSF/NSF61 and IEC (on selected models).

PharmaLine PQ chamber

PharmaLine PQ chamber

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The PharmaLine PQP model features an optimised, absolute intensity UV monitor. Located within the chamber, it allows the controller automatically to correct the dose calculation without needing an external UV transmittance monitor. In addition, the factory-calibrated dry UV sensor provides absolute UV intensity monitoring in real-time and, because it remains outside the water flow, it can be removed and inspected without interrupting the process.

The dry monitor also allows for field verification using a portable reference UV sensor. Its patented shutter port means there is no risk of UV exposure and no need for the operator to wear safety equipment while performing the field verification.

Smart controls ensure continuous monitoring and real-time display of the verified RED (reduction equivalent dose) and allow three levels of password-protected security and provide Modbus output to SCADA systems, allowing event logging. The controller also features an on-board message display panel and many other safety and alarm features.