Hanovia disinfects cooling water at Formosa Chemical and Fibre factories

Published: 24-Apr-2012

UV systems are used to reduce microbial contamination of cooling water used in nylon production

Hanovia’s UV technology is disinfecting cooling water in two of Formosa Chemical and Fibre Corporation’s factories in Taiwan. The systems are being used to reduce microbial contamination of cooling water used in the nylon manufacturing process.

The UV units are located immediately after the heat exchange units and before the cooling tanks. This ensures that all water leaving the heat exchanger is disinfected and cannot contaminate the rest of the cooling water loop. Each system can treat up to 50m3/hr and is fitted with an automatic wiper, which keeps the quartz sleeves surrounding the UV lamps clean.

There are currently four Hanovia UV systems in use, three in the factory in Zhanghua and one in the Xingang facility, with two more systems planned for installation in Xingang.

The UK-based disinfection specialist says all Hanovia UV units can be easily integrated into plant control systems. Maintenance requirements are minimal – typically the UV lamps only need replacing once a year, an easy operation, which can be carried out by on-site personnel.

“The cooling water comes into direct contact with the nylon fibre product so the quality of the water is essential,” says Hanovia’s Asia-Pacific manager, Ying Xu.

“Since the Hanovia UV systems’ installation the water quality has been consistently high, with UV transmittance up from 95 to 98%. While UV itself does not reduce suspended solids in water, it reduces other impurities, so UV transmittance has improved. For applications such as this, a transmittance value of 98% is essential, and UV is playing an important role in maintaining this,” she added.

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