Hanovia awarded €3.9m for UV development project

Published: 15-Jul-2015

ECO-UV project aims to bring new UV water disinfection technology to market

Hanovia has received funding of €3.9m for a European UV technology development project.

The aim of the ECO-UV project is to develop ground-breaking UV technology for the treatment of industrial process water and other fluids, which offers increased lamp life and energy efficiency, providing a much lower carbon footprint and reduced environmental impact.

The Slough, Berkshire, UK-headquartered UV water disinfection specialist, will work with Germany's Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT), DVGW, the German Gas and Waterworks Association’s Centre of Applied Research, and IVL, the Swedish Environmental Research Institute in the project, which is funded by Horizon 2020.

ECO-UV researchers will prove the new UV lamp technology by demonstrating it in real applications, with full characterisation in terms of stability, ageing effects and dose-response-relationship. The UV lamps will be integrated in Hanovia treatment systems and the performance of the whole UV system will be independently evaluated at DVGW and monitored for efficiency by IVL.

Testing protocols for different applications will also be established, which could act as the basis for a future standardised validation for industrial UV applications in the EU. A full life cycle evaluation of cost and environmental benefits compared with traditional UV technology will be assessed by IVL.

Hanovia's Project Manager Jane Wallis said: 'This substantial award from the EU represents a huge vote of confidence in the technical and economic ambition of Hanovia and our ability to deliver a new generation of highly efficient UV lamps.

'We are very excited to be part of this project, working with some of the world’s leading research, validation and environmental assessment organisations to bring to the market this new generation of UV disinfection technology and so help our clients around the world reduce their costs and carbon footprint.'

Hanovia is a subsidiary of Halma plc.

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