Particle Measuring Systems announces the new PRO Series of Contamination Control Instruments

Published: 14-Sep-2021

The new PRO Series helps manufacturers provide lifesaving and life changing solutions for their customers by supporting clean manufacturing, while meeting regulatory requirements

Particle Measuring Systems (PMS) announces the new PRO Series, a portfolio of complete contamination monitoring instruments. Select any products from the PRO Series with the confidence that they are fully compliant with the most recent global regulations and are positioned for anticipated regulatory requirements. Use together for a total and industry leading solution from a single manufacturer. The PRO Series from PMS is a complete collection of contamination monitoring tools developed from a decades-long commitment to supporting pharmaceutical manufacturers. Together, these products provide total and up to date assurance to manufacturers that they are producing the highest quality lifesaving and life changing products for their customers.

The new PRO Series of complete contamination control particle counters includes portable and remote, viable and non-viable instruments with environmental monitoring and data management software; all designed to provide the highest level of environmental control. Added to this is our expert Advisory Services for a total contamination control solution.

"The PRO Series is a collection of benchmark environmental monitoring technology, principles and applications in one product portfolio. Five decades of hard work and dedication by industry-leading engineers at PMS has resulted in multiple flagship product lines and services. It has earned us the ability to directly offer the pharmaceutical manufacturing industry the best contamination control solutions available.”, said Frank Panofen, GM Pharmaceutical Division, Particle Measuring Systems. He continued, “We are immensely proud to be a part of the formula that provides the highest quality lifesaving products to the public."

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