POSS Airborne Disinfection System – a new standard

Published: 14-Dec-2021

The hydrogen peroxide based SuperMiscellar Fog (SF) Airborne Surface Disinfection range has been released under the POSS brand

Airsurdis Sarl, www.airsurdis.com a newly formed company in Paris France, with a combined experience of over 50 years in this field by its founders, has announced the global release of the innovative and patented hydrogen peroxide based SuperMiscellar Fog (SF) Airborne Surface Disinfection range under the POSS brand. Easy to use, highly effective and very cost effective against existing technologies.

The POSS system is available in 5 different model variations for whole room decontamination in the Pharmaceutical manufacturing sector and other critical applications for bio-decontamination at 6log levels in volumes up to 300m3 with a single machine, without the need for any supplementary air circulation equipment.

The PS-040CA model is especially useful for the full integration into isolators, freeze dryers and passboxes due to its vapour recirculation mode, which allows for the development of shorter cycle times and positioning of the POSS machine outside the space to be decontaminated. This is ideal for end users and OEM alike.

POSS system when used with our own brand of 7.4% hydrogen peroxide Spray OXY PAE is compliant to EN17272:2020 for industrial and medical test conditions. Spray OXY PAE is registered under the European Biocide Regulations and is safe for use on direct contact food surfaces, leaving no residues after use.

Requiring only mains electrical power ( or use of an internal rechargeable battery on one model ) POSS has full data retention capabilities and easy to use programming with multiple program retention, which together with its 304L Stainless steel construction mean the POSS system can be easily validated for use in GMP manufacturing facilities, research laboratories and other cleanroom environments.

The built in RH and Temperature sensors which feedback data to POSS ensure than any vapour condensation is avoided so as to remove any materials compatibility risk and enhance decontamination performance.

Airsurdis is now seeking to build its Global Distribution channels and OEM manufacturer contacts and anyone interested to gain further information on the POSS system and Spray OXY PAE disinfectant is requested to contact contact@airsurdis.com

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