PAC customises medical device cleanroom with insert-style design


Production Automation Corporation (PAC) has assisted in the build of a medical device R&D cleanroom

Production Automation Corporation (PAC) has assisted in the build of a medical device R&D cleanroom with insert-style construction.

This unique ISO Class 5 cleanroom environment was designed for the development of innovative eye care products. The semiconductor-style environment was required to achieve the necessary clean space to meet this customers' requirements. Using a modular design, this room is built within an ISO Class 7 cleanroom, where space was limited.

A custom environment

Due to height limitations, and the need for a full coverage FFU design, custom LED light strips were built to add light into the space, as well as additional custom features using Insert-style walls. PAC can create custom environments to meet a variety of needs, large or small.

Insert-style walls are built using a combination of Extruded Aluminum Frames and Insert Panels. The extruded aluminium frames feature thin panel insert slots, which provide adjustable channels to insert wall materials from 1/8" to 3/8" thick. Pre-engineered components built into the extrusions enable integrated features, such as doors or gasket seals.

The insert panels are made of lightweight materials, and are easy to assemble without the use of tools, which can simplify the process of altering or remodelling a cleanroom.

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Insert-style panels are a lower-cost alternative to sandwich style wall panels, particularly when considering the use of 1/4" thick clear polycarbonate viewing panels in place of traditional windows. Pre-assembled 4' x 8' wall panels can be shipped on a pallet and latched together to form an a simple enclosure in a fraction of the time it takes to build a traditional cleanroom.