OTTO Engineering nears completion of 5,000 sqm cleanroom facility

Published: 8-Aug-2023

The cleanroom design and build experts have almost completed the project for which they were working on HVAC, building systems, and automation systems

OTTO Engineering Polska is approaching the completion of one of the largest investments of this type in our portfolio.

"We have successfully designed and built cleanrooms and whiterooms with accompanying systems for a newly built facility in the [province of Silesian]," the company stated.

The work started in October last year, and now the acceptance procedures are in progress.

The assumed production technology meets the requirements of the dust cleanliness class according to the ISO 14644: IS08 standard, at the assumed temperature, air humidity and specified ambient pressure. The project assumed a comprehensive implementation of cleanroom installations (2 rooms), whiteroom (2 rooms) with two airlocks and the following subsystems:

  • HVAC installations (heating, ventilation and air conditioning of the facility)
  • Complete building systems including walls, doors, gates and ceilings
  • A HMS automation system

OTTO Engineering nears completion of 5,000 sqm cleanroom facility

The total area was 4,770 sqm and Otto Engineering Polska was responsible not only for the design and its comprehensive implementation, but also for its coordination with the entire facility, qualification, development of relevant subcontracting documentation, but also for conducting tests of compliance with the assumed protocols.

This is one of the largest investment projects of this type for OTTO regarding cleanroom systems.

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