New generation of bioaerosol monitoring samplers launched

Published: 8-Jan-2008

SAS-ISO is a new generation of SAS samplers designed to test microbiological air quality of air.

The kit, developed by Italian company International pbi, uses a single certified aspirating head made in stainless steel or aluminium or ‘Dispo-Head’ certified sterile disposable plastic head.

The 'Dispo-Head' may be used for each sampling or for each group of sampling cycles in the same environment. The sample is deposited onto the agar surface of a contact plate or standard Petri dish.

The SAS-ISO offers traceability functions like date, operator name, sampling location, volume of aspirated air,to be transferred to a printer or PC. Several SAS-ISO air samplers at different locations can be connected to a PC for a centralised control of the environmental monitoring.

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