MET ONE 3400+ air particle counter honored with awards


Beckman Coulter's timely launch during a pandemic underscores the instrument’s use in biopharma production

MET ONE 3400+ air particle counter honored with awards

Celebrating more than 85 years of innovation, Beckman Coulter Life Sciences has received two awards for its MET ONE 3400+ air particle counter less than a year after its successful launch.

In late 2020, editors of Pharma Manufacturing honoured the new MET ONE 3400+ air particle counter with a 2020 Pharma Innovation Award. Weeks later, editors at The Analytical Scientist likewise bestowed one of their 2020 Innovation Awards on the MET ONE 3400+ instrument.

According to Karen Langhauser, chief content director for Pharma Manufacturing, its awards are “intended to recognise recently launched or updated technologies, systems and services for the potential value and innovation they bring to the pharma industry.”

Matthew Hallam, editor of The Analytical Scientist, notes that the innovation awards “continue to paint an exciting picture of the future – and the instruments and technologies that are likely to have an impact across analytical science.”

Launched in early summer of 2020, the MET ONE 3400+ was designed to help improve data integrity and access—as well as reduce human error—for routine environmental monitoring, which can be critical for global biopharma manufacturing, including vaccine production.

“We’re extremely honoured to receive both these 2020 innovation awards,” said Product Manager Tony Harrison. “We were especially excited to introduce this easier-to-use portable monitor at a particularly challenging time for the biopharmaceutical industry.

Greg Milosevich, President of Beckman Coulter Life Sciences, said: “A big part of our mission is to help customers quickly get the accurate data they need to achieve their objectives. Because it lets QC managers monitor cleanroom data remotely and at any time of day, using a standard web browser, the MET ONE 3400+ truly embodies our mission.”

Among many other innovative features, the MET ONE 3400+ enables interactive, on-screen tracking that instantly shows users which locations have been sampled so they can monitor their progress at a glance. All reports can be exported in a secure electronic format to the user’s network or a USB device, which means the MET ONE 3400+ supports compliance with the FDA’s 21 CFR Part 11 regulation, and it can help make data access fast and efficient during audits required to maintain GMP manufacturing status.

“To help simplify cleanroom monitoring for FDA and GMP compliance,” Harrison said.

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“We made a lot of innovative enhancements to our previous MET ONE portable monitor. Receiving both of these Innovation Awards certainly helps confirm the value these enhancements can bring to all manufacturers that use cleanrooms in their production process.”

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