Interphex 2022: Steriline robotic applications to improve quality in drug primary packaging

Published: 26-May-2022

Robotics as guarantee of quality, efficiency, safety and flexibility

Steriline, the established European manufacturer highly specialised in the production of standard and robotic lines for aseptic processing of injectable products, is welcoming visitors to Interphex 2022.

At Booth #2637, Steriline displays one of its latest innovations, a Robotic Nest Filling Machine for the aseptic processing of injectable drugs. The machine shows all the qualities offered by robotic applications: higher quality, efficiency, safety and flexibility. With the specialized use of robotics, Steriline systems reduce human interventions which results in a safer handling of drug products, with less human related mistakes, and an obvious quality improvement.

“Steriline is a pioneer in the field of robotic applications for the aseptic processing market” states Federico Fumagalli, Chief Commercial Officer at Steriline. “Since 2014 we have introduced robotics in our filling, stoppering and capping solutions; and even in the decontamination systems. Today, we are able to deliver complete customized lines that rely heavily on robotics to improve uptime, performance and yield”.

Robotics provide greater flexibility to the filling lines. Special sensors can detect the type and capacity of the containers and the machine software automatically adapts the process according to the recipes previously registered in the database for that specific container. Sensors can also identify any non-compliant pieces and manage them promptly without the intervention of any technician. Waste and downtime are thus reduced.

“The application of robotics in manufacturing equipment is gaining an increasingly important role in drug production” affirms James Rorke, Vice President North American Operations at Steriline. “The adoption of robotics throughout the pharmaceutical industry is growing; and as Advanced Therapy Medicinal Products (ATMPs) are growing exponentially, the need for extremely accurate and flexible manufacturing systems will follow. Robotics meets both requirements, making their deployment preferable to more traditional aseptic fill/finish systems”.

Steriline robotic solutions are designed according to the needs expressed by customers. They are compatible with various primary containers (such as vials, ampoules, cartridges, syringes, and bags) handling toxic or non-toxic products in both liquid and powder form. To guarantee air monitoring and to be compliant with FDA regulations and current Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMPs), they can be equipped with Laminar Air Flow (LAF), Open and Closed Restricted Access Barriers (oRABs, cRABs) and Isolator Barrier Systems (ISOs).

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