Steriline is a well-established European manufacturer highly specialized in the production of complete lines for the aseptic processing of injectable products, supplying pharmaceutical companies worldwide.

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Steriline was founded in 1989 in the Lake Como area (Italy) where its headquarters and manufacturing facilities are still based. All along Steriline history, multidisciplinary research and development activities have been the backbone of the company’s offer for the aseptic processing market. This allowed Steriline to translate its inventive approach to engineering into highly specialized, advanced and durably reliable equipment solutions for the pharmaceutical industry and nowadays some of the smallest ones available on the market are Steriline branded.

Currently, Steriline develops, manufactures and supplies a comprehensive range of solutions, including both mechanical and robotic applications for the aseptic processing in compliance with cGMP, GAMP and FDA. Moreover, the Italian company continues to invest in Research & Development projects and technological innovation to offer cutting-edge and customized solutions that perfectly fit in with clients’ requirements.

Standard Range

Standard range includes equipment spanning from washing machines, depyrogenation tunnels, filling machines, capping machines to external decontamination machines. Thanks to a set of ancillary equipment, Steriline offers its customers complete lines coming from a single source supplier: de-baggers, de-lidders, de-liners, de-nesters and tray loaders can refine Steriline’s solutions, indeed.

Robotic Range

Steriline’s robotic range has been inaugurated in 2014, with the launch of the first robotic application not requiring changeover elements and following a “zero-loss philosophy”.

Robotics is now playing a key role in the pharmaceutical industry, and it is writing its future since it continues to define new paradigms for manufacturing. In this scenario Steriline is currently strongly widening its portfolio of robotic solutions to further help injectable drug manufacturers to face the new global challenges effectively.

Great advantages gained thanks to robotic solutions consists in lower contamination risks, minimum downtime and even flexibility, since they easily adapt to several format changes.

Today, Steriline’s offer includes robotic filling machines, robotic capping machines, robotic external decontamination machines, robotic tray loaders, and robotic tub decontamination system.

Figure 2. Steriline's robotic filling machine

Figure 2. Steriline's robotic filling machine

Containment and Isolation

Pharmaceutical industry requires specific and strict parameters for drugs production and a sterile environment is generally mandatory for safety drugs manipulation. Steriline offers a range of containment and isolation solutions as LAF, ORABS, CRABS, in-line CRABS isolators, and stand-alone isolators. Every tool is designed to work with sterile products (toxic or non-toxic), assuring the highest level of safety for product and operator.

Figure 3. Steriline's Intelligent Compounding System

Figure 3. Steriline's Intelligent Compounding System

Intelligent Compounding System

The Intelligent Compounding System (ICS) is a fully automated robotic solution, controlled by software, which compounds parenteral drug doses into the appropriate final containers within a controlled environment.

The ICS is for use within the compounding practices, both in hospitals and in compounding centers, to prepare injections in accordance with appropriate regulations and label final products according to good practice requirements.

It is based on isolator technology and includes a bio-decontamination system with vaporized H2O2 sterilization technology.

The ICS relies on automation and robotics to produce custom-made drugs without requiring human intervention. The whole compounding cycle is performed in full respect of the safety for both operator and product.

Steriline’s Customer Support to engine cutting-edge solutions

One of Steriline’s crucial assets is its relationship with customers, shaped around a frequent, open and ongoing dialogue at all stages of product lifecycle, from design and manufacturing phases through installation, qualification, validation and maintenance. Whether a company is looking for a standard single machine or a customized robotic line, Steriline can leverage on its inventive approach to engineering and its advanced project management capabilities to deliver the most effective solution for each customer specific needs.

In addition, Steriline provides extensive customer support services, including technical assistance thanks to its skilled engineers’ staff.

Figure 4. A technician working at Steriline's Lab

Figure 4. A technician working at Steriline's Lab

Steriline worldwide

With operations in over 50 countries around the world, Steriline has a network of over 220 people, including direct employees and external partners in addition to 40 local sales representatives. Export represents more than 90% of Steriline’s turnover with over 1,800 machines installed throughout Asia, Europe, and the U.S.A.


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