H2O2 Bio-Decontamination: Indicators with Inline Measurement

Published: 20-Nov-2019

Piritta Maunu, Life Science Regulatory Compliance and Industry Expert​, talks inline sensors and Vaisala offers a webinar to teach users how to integrate Vaisala's HPP270 series into a control system

Chemical indicators (CI), biological indicators (BI) and enzyme indicators (EI) are used in bio-decontamination cycle development studies.

These studies typically consume large numbers of indicators to determine the worst-case locations, which represent specific areas in the environment that require the longest periods of exposure to achieve target sterility assurance level (SAL).

In order to get reliable measurement data throughout bio-decontamination, inline measurement of H2O2 is more reliable than a pump and tubing devices.

Continuous inline monitoring during bio-decontamination can significantly reduce the number of indicators used in routine processes.

Additionally, an inline sensor can allow users to both monitor and control the process.

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