Guardtech Cleanrooms announces corporate restructuring after acquisition

Published: 4-Jan-2022

The company will now operate as five distinct separate divisions under a broader group

Guardtech Cleanrooms has announced the launch of the Guardtech Group, made up of five distinct divisions including the recently acquired Cleanroom Solutions and the introduction of the Isoblok.

The remaining three divisions include Guardtech Cleanrooms, which will now cater specifically for the modular cleanroom market as well as CleanCube Mobile Cleanrooms will continue to provide portable solutions for businesses. Isopod Rapid Cleanrooms will offer quicker, more flexible and cost-effective alternatives, using standardised models made from stock held by the company, available for flat-pack delivery and with the option for self-assembly installation.

Guardtech Group Chairman Ray Wheeler said: “As a board, we’re delighted to make this announcement – the business has evolved dramatically over the past five years and we’re so proud of everything that our team’s hard work has helped us build.

“Like many businesses, we’ve had some tough obstacles to overcome in that time and we’re confident this new structure is the ideal next step to take the company into an exciting phase of our development. I’d like to thank my fellow directors and everyone else on the team for all their brilliant efforts that continue to propel us towards new horizons.”

The remaining three divisions include Guardtech Cleanrooms, which will now cater specifically for the modular cleanroom market

Conor Barwise, Guardtech Operations Director, said: “I’ve been here since the beginning of the journey and it’s amazing to see how we’ve grown in that time.

“We’ve had to overcome some serious hurdles, not least the pandemic in recent years, but the way we’ve managed to push on in a positive manner is a reflection of the flexibility and ‘can-do’ spirit of the whole team. I’m proud of everything the group has achieved so far and look forward to many more successes in the future.”

The Group moved to acquire Cleanroom Solutions late in 2021, having followed the company for many years. Guardtech Group will now act as the parent company for five distinct businesses, but there is scope in the years ahead for even further additions.

Mark Wheeler added: “Restructuring the business provided a mechanism to differentiate between the variety of products and solutions that the Guardtech Group deliver whilst celebrating the joint identity and culture that is at the heart of all of these delivery formats.

“The Guardtech Group is a collective of long-serving industry professionals that embrace problem-solving, innovative thinking and embody a determination to deliver the highest quality outcomes for a range of valued clients across the life science industries.

“At the heart of every decision the group makes is the newly established GUARD Charter, promoting the core values of: guide, understand, adapt, respond and deliver. Each business within the Group and every employee working for Guardtech is held accountable against this charter, and is guided to embody the values that have made our group strong over its history.”

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