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Industry-leading providers of bespoke laboratory design & build solutions, as well as a wide array of high-quality cleanroom-related products and services – including comprehensive decontamination and maintenance programmes

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The Guardtech Group, newly established in January 2022, is comprised of five subsidiary companies:

Guardtech Cleanrooms – catering specifically to the modular cleanroom market.

Cleanroom Solutions – acquired by the Guardtech Group late in 2021 – the Sussex-based firm renown for high-quality controlled environment design & build services are responsible for Guardtech’s larger turnkey construction projects.

CleanCube Mobile Cleanrooms – high-quality portable controlled environment solutions for businesses all over the world.

Isopod Rapid Cleanrooms – offering a quicker, more flexible and cost-effective alternative, with standardised models made from stock held by Guardtech, available for ‘flat-pack’ delivery and with the option for self-assembly installation.

Isoblok Pre-Fabricated Cleanrooms – pre-configured ‘plug and play’ cleanroom units and pods constructed off site.

The Guardtech Group

Keep your laboratory up to standard with the best
Decontamination Team around

The Guardtech Group Decontamination Team offer a comprehensive range of periodic Deep Clean contracts. With more than 30 years of experience combined among our two most senior operatives alone, our hard-working team have the knowledge, skill and expertise to deliver high-performance cleans to ensure your operations are never compromised.

Guardtech Deep Cleans utilise biocidal or sporicidal agents to drastically reduce the presence of bioburden, spores and bacteria within cleanrooms. All cleans are supported by a pre-clean contamination assessment and a post-clean efficacy verification stage to demonstrate the effectiveness of the clean. All operators are specially trained and work to extensive SOPs and checklists. All cleans are followed by in-depth reporting & verification testing to prove efficacy.

  • Builders’ cleans
  • Pre-validation cleans
  • Biocidal/sporicidal cleans
  • Microbiological/bioburden testing with TSA & SDA plates
  • Pre-clean and post-clean contact plate testing
  • Certified to work at height (IPAF PAL card holders)
  • Working to GMP standards
  • Cleanliness verification tests conducted – with full reporting
  • Bespoke cleaning programmes
  • Comprehensive multi-stage cleaning as and when required
  • Will follow client SOPs and use specific validated chemicals and equipment when required
  • Two most senior cleaners boast 30 years’ experience in decontamination

The Guardtech Group

Wide range of high-performance laboratory furniture &
equipment solutions

Guardtech offer a comprehensive range of laboratory furniture & equipment solutions that can be supplied directly to the client – or provided as part of a cleanroom installation project.

Whether it’s devices for personnel or product protection or transfer hatches that can improve your material flow, Guardtech are well positioned to advise you on the best solution.

The equipment range includes air showers, biosafety cabinets, laminar flow units, desiccators, fume cupboards, downflow booths, nitrogen generators, isolators, autoclaves, measuring equipment and much more.

Our diverse selection of furniture includes Trespa stepover benches, workbenches and cabinets, stainless steel racking, trolleys, bins, lockers, sinks and garment storage solutions, as well as many other cleanroom grade accessories such as taps, coat hooks, dispensers and Dyson Airblade hand

The Guardtech Group

With our validation process, you can rest assured

Guardtech offer a full cleanroom validation process to ensure that your laboratory is performing to specification.

Offering in-house or independent testing, Guardtech can assist with the full validation life cycle including Design Qualification (DQ), Installation Qualification (IQ) and Operational Qualification (OQ) documentation. Testing includes:

  • Air velocity and volumetric flow rate measurement
  • Room differential pressure testing
  • Filter integrity leak testing (DOP method)
  • Airborne particle counting
  • Airflow visualisation
  • Airflow balancing
  • Temperature monitoring
  • Lighting and noise levels checks
  • Pressure and flow gauge calibration

The Guardtech Group

Guardtech have a rich history in providing turnkey solutions for clients looking to create, improve, upgrade or relocate a critical environment, they manage the design and installation of all structural, mechanical and electrical elements of our projects, to provide a hassle-free experience.

Whatever the project, Guardtech approach it with the same passion, dedication and focus, delivering a high-end client experience throughout the process, resulting in lasting relationships and impressive testimonials.

Guardtech design & install bespoke cleanroom environments including:

  • Pharmaceutical cleanrooms & containment suites
  • Aseptic production suites
  • Semiconductor ballroom cleanrooms
  • IVF labs & embryology suites

Guardtech provide modular cleanrooms and turnkey cleanrooms for the following industries:

Aerospace, Automotive, Digital Printing, Electronics, Embryology, Food, Healthcare, Injection Moulding, Medical Device, Micro-Electronics, Optical, Packaging, Pharmaceutical, Semiconductor, Universities.

Guardtech also supply a wide range of standard and bespoke cleanroom equipment and furniture, in addition to cleanroom validation, service and maintenance, testing and cleaning.


From bespoke turnkey cleanrooms to modular cleanrooms, our brilliant design ideas focus on the perfect balance of five factors:

  • Process requirement
  • Space optimisation
  • Budget maximisation
  • Time limitations
  • Client desires


Guardtech focus on providing exceptional value; accommodating the boundaries and restrictions of every project to provide clients with the best possible outcome – a controlled environment that meets all needs and exceeds all expectations.


Cleanroom installation is performed by experienced Guardtech engineers supported by approved, fully trained sub-contractors for specialist services.

The Guardtech Cleanrooms Installation Engineers are professionally trained in controlled environment construction and have years of experience, not only installing critical environments but also servicing and operating within them.

With an in-house structural and electrical team, utilising the Guardtech Installation Engineers offers far tighter control of the project combined with a quicker and more consistent installation, whilst presenting substantial cost savings.


We are specialists at testing controlled environments with clean air devices to ensure ongoing ISO14644-1:2015 certification or cGMP compliance.

Guardtech take care of the following key areas:

  • Installation/operation qualification (IQ/OQ)
  • Cleaning & facility decontamination
  • Validation & testing
  • Plant maintenance & servicing


All Guardtech Installation Team members are expected to comply with strict site health & safety regulations and a comprehensive Guardtech Health & Safety Policy can be read on Common sense is of course championed, and a risk-management approach is adopted onsite to ensure that jobs can be carried out in the most practical, effective, efficient and safe manner.

Risk Assessments and Method Statements (RAMS) are produced for every job and will be shared in advance of any work being conducted for client review. Installation Managers are in place for every installation and Site Managers are in place for projects that fall under CDM coordination.

Guardtech accreditations/certifications are listed on – current certificates are available upon request.

The Guardtech Group

We help you design the cleanroom you need

Designing a new environment or redesigning an existing space is an exciting prospect for your business and its future growth – however, getting the perfect design requires a good deal of knowledge, forward planning, foresight and compromise.

Whether you’re starting from a blank canvas, have a concept that needs fleshing out, or have fully prepared drawings, Guardtech will work with you to find the best balance for your budget and deliver a cleanroom design that meets the demands of your process while enhancing your facility and providing a safe, comfortable working environment for your operators.

Guardtech will design in adherence with Building Control, MHRA & FDA Requirements, CDM Regulations, Health and Safety, ISO 14644 and all relevant industry guidelines and standards

The Guardtech Group

Our expert installation team always deliver the best results

Installation is performed by experienced Guardtech engineers and approved, fully trained sub-contractors.

The Guardtech Installation Engineers are professionally trained in cleanroom construction and have many years of experience, not only installing controlled environments but also servicing and operating within them. Utilising the Guardtech Installation Engineers offers far tighter control of the project and a quicker and more consistent installation, while presenting substantial cost savings.

Guardtech have been installing cleanrooms and laboratories for more than 20 years – including cleanroom refurbishments, cleanroom extensions and even cleanroom relocation

The Guardtech Group

Our history

Guardtech have been successfully designing, installing and commissioning bespoke cleanrooms and laboratories for more than 20 years – executing in excess of 100 projects during that time frame.

As a former member of the Guardline Group, the company has a long history in cleanrooms dating back to the early 1980s. Guardtech was born from customer demand for a flexible and knowledgeable cleanroom design and build contractor and those qualities remain in place to this day.  


Please use the form below to contact us regarding our products and services. Email or call 0330 113 0303.

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