Freudenberg invests in medical technology facilities

Published: 10-Jan-2017

The investment will expand its medical technology division worldwide and includes a new cleanroom in Germany

The Freudenberg Group is investing globally in the expansion of the company’s medical technology division with the aim of further extending its innovation strength and ensuring long-term market success.

The company, which makes products that are used in the treatment of diseases such as cancer and diabetes as well as innovative wound dressings that accelerate the healing process chronic wounds, says demand for such products is rising around the globe.

At the Kaiserslautern site in Germany, Freudenberg is expanding its cleanroom production for the second time in recent years to meet growing demand among its customers.

Furthermore, a 10m euro development centre for innovative catheter technology has recently been built at Carrick-on-Shannon, Ireland, creating 200 jobs.

The company also made additional investments in Carpenteria, California, where the site is to be expanded by around 930m2.

In Shenzhen, China, Freudenberg is currently doubling its production capacities for medical technology. To meet the needs of Chinese patients, Freudenberg relies on targeted development work and decades of experience in the country.

Innovations such as biodegradable wound dressings, coatings for implants or seals for medical devices all make the lives of patients and physicians easier, says the company.

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