FR60 compartment wall in a biopharmaceutical facility in Portsmouth

Published: 23-Jun-2022

Stancold CREST supplied and installed FR60 composite panelling to construct a 13-metre high firewall within a biopharmaceutical facility in Portsmouth

This was a part of a large-scale fit-out project, utilising approximately 10,000m² of composite panelling. The design included the construction of airlocks, changing areas and clean-not-classified corridors.

Stancold’s cleanroom envelope specialist team are the leading go-to contractor in delivering cleanroom envelope solutions across the full range of ISO classifications and EU GMP A-D standards, for the likes of pharmaceutical and industrial battery facilities across the UK.

For more than half a decade, the dedicated team have built on existing knowledge of controlled environments and gained an intimate understanding of specialist cleanroom systems, to successfully design and build walls, ceilings, vision panels and doors suitable for any space that requires sterile conditions.

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