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Published: 11-Apr-2017

Micronova Manufacturing Inc., a woman owned business, was established in Torrance, California in 1984 with the goal of servicing the emerging cleanroom markets in local aerospace, semiconductor and biotechnology.

With its CR100PC tape, the company was the first to develop specially processed cleanroom tape for controlled environments.

In recent years the company has broadened its product range to meet the needs of aseptic processing in pharmaceutical and biotechnology sites, including:

The new SlimLine and Isolator Tool Adapters made from injection molded Polypropylene.


  • Articulates 360° or can be locked in 180° swivel.
  • Lightweight & Economical
  • Excellent chemical resistance.
  • Adapters and handles are Autoclavable.
  • Adapters attach via ACME thread.
  • Handles are plastic coated fiberglass and available in a variety of fixed and extendible lengths.
  • Adapters can be used with SSU series handles with the addition of the SSA-3 adapter.
  • Plastic SlimLine Adapter can be used with the SlimLine, SnapMop, DryMop, PadMop and PocketMop Series.
  • Plastic Isolator Tool Adapter can be used with the ITC series of covers.

The PocketMop Series

The PocketMop Series

The PocketMop Series

A flat head mop that has the same materials of construction as Micronova’s premium mops but a simpler construction.

The mop can be used for controlled environments and is economical enough to compete with commercial mops that are often used in support or non-classified areas

Used with the QPSL-14 or QPSL-18 adapter, the mop is lightweight and easy to maneuver. The swivel joint rotates 360° but can be locked in a 180° movement for more precise, controlled cleaning.

Available in two standard sizes, 14” and 18”, the PocketMop is available in a number of different fabrics.

PolySorb: A textured polyester – available with or without urethane foam interior

MegaTex: A non-woven, textured polyester blend with abrasive properties

NovaPoly: 100% Polyester – with urethane interior or microfiber interior

Microfiber: For dry and wet mopping and for glass and high-gloss surfaces. Available with or without urethane foam interior.

PocketMops are economical enough for single use but can be laundered and reused. Compatible with alcohol, strong disinfectants and steam sterilisation.

The Econo CurtainCleaner

The Econo CurtainCleaner

The Econo CurtainCleaner

A simple design that allows the operator to clean vinyl strip curtains, both sides at the same time, in cleanrooms and support areas. The Econo CurtainCleaner grips the curtain at its uppermost connection, and slides down to apply, or squeegee the cleaning agent on both sides of the curtain.

With a selection of covers, the Econo CurtainCleaner can cope with many cleaning challenges from critical and sterile environments to cleanroom support and industrial applications. The electropolished stainless steel adapter connects to any of the SSU series handles.

Covers are available in NovaPoly, PolySorb, Microfiber and Microfiber/Mesh material with urethane foam interiors.

All covers can be laundered and re-used and will hold up to alcohol, strong disinfectants and steam sterilisation.

Covers are available Gamma Irradiated.

Lead Free Autoclave Indicator Tape

Lead Free Autoclave Indicator Tape

Lead Free Autoclave Indicator Tape

A proven method of positively confirming completed sterilisation cycle in both gravity discharge and vacuum autoclaves. Green indicator lines change to black when proper levels of steam pressure and temperature have been achieved. The uniquely printed lines cannot be rubbed off and will not contaminate instruments.

This easy to handle tape adheres on contact and stays in place through live steam pressure. After use, the tape removes quickly and completely, leaving minimal residue or staining.

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