Cutting-edge surgical facilities at Hospital Aleman in Buenos Aires

Published: 6-Sep-2023

Hospital Alemán, a privately managed medical institution located in the city of Buenos Aires, Argentina, is dedicated to providing its nearly 20,000 annual patients with the pinnacle of medical and architectural excellence. Collaborating with KARL STORZ, Lindner realised the expansion of the hospital's new operating rooms

Elevating Healthcare Standards

The "Juncal" extension project underscores the hospital's commitment to cutting-edge technology within the realm of oncology and intricate surgical procedures. With the goal of enhancing healthcare in Argentina and surpassing the benchmarks established by the International Joint Commission for accredited medical facilities, Hospital Alemán embraced an 11,000 m² extension spanning eight floors and two basements. This area boasts a capacity of approximately 200 beds and encompasses a contemporary surgical department furnished with ten state-of-the-art operating theatres. Moreover, the complex encompasses an auditorium primed for teaching and research endeavours, as well as a modern hospital pharmacy equipped with an automated distribution system.

Fusion of Technology and Design

Lindner Cleanrooms, in collaboration with Karl Storz took on the pivotal role of fitting out the novel operating theatres. Karl Storz spearheaded the project management for the integration of endoscopic equipment and high-resolution monitors into the operating theatres. Meanwhile, Lindner took on the task of installing hygiene-compliant walls, doors and ceilings with integrated lighting that adhere to stringent cleanliness standards. Among other things, Hospital Alemán opted for tried-and-tested systems such as the Lindner clip-in cassette ceilings: The Clip K3 cleanroom ceiling boasts a clip-in/swing-down functionality, coupled with a seamlessly sealed 45° bevel, ensuring optimal containment. Moreover, this adaptable ceiling system can be combined with various installation components, e.g. with functional lighting solutions from Lindner Luminaires.

Besides the established standard products, the Hospital Alemán project introduced numerous special solutions, including modular glass partitions embellished with intricate digital printing that both separate the operating theatres and serve as captivating visual focal points. Automated revolving and sliding doors as well as around 1,100 m² of Kerrock wall claddings form a suitable addition. In collaboration with Bender, Lindner also contributed contemporary touch panels, facilitating real-time updates on the surgical theatres’ occupancy status.

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