Cleanroom Technology in conversation with EECO2

Published: 29-Jun-2022

In this exclusive video interview, CT talks to EECO2's Executive Director Keath Beattie and the CEO of their client, Oval Medical Technologies about their recent collaboration

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The sustainable solutions provider for the life sciences industry works with clients to create more sustainable pharmaceutical products by means of new technology and innovation.

In this interview, EECO2's Executive Director Keath Beattie is accompanied by Oval Medical Technologies CEO Barbara Lead speaking about their recent collaboration. Together, the two talk about the requirements of a more energy efficient cleanroom, emphasising the use of operational data to avoid over-processing of facility air.

Beattie is also keen to talk about EECO2’s patented iCCS system for dynamic cleanroom control, of which Oval is the pioneering user. All this and more can be learned from this fascinating interview.

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This interview was led by Sophie Bullimore from Cleanroom Technology.

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