Clean Rooms International develops Guardiair air filtration

Published: 6-Aug-2020

Guardiair filters air with HEPA-standard efficiency quickly and flexibly, making spaces safer for people

As our lives adjust to the COVID-19 pandemic, there is a pressing need for efficient, effective air filtration to prevent infection in waiting rooms, classrooms, restaurants, and more. We’ve reconfigured cleanroom technology to develop Guardiair, a mobile air filtration solution. Guardiair provides effective air filtration and visibly communicates to people that the air is being cleaned, building trust and reassurance in a time of doubt.

Proven performance you can rely on

Guardiair’s rigorously tested technology collects particles as small as 0.3 microns, including respiratory droplets with 99.99% efficiency. The option-al integrated UV-C lamp and ULPA filter can further increase the level of filtration and decontamination. While air filtration alone cannot account for all potential sources of infection, Guardiair can effectively help to mitigate the risk of airborne coronavirus.

Clean Rooms International is dedicated to creating spaces for human innovation, and Guardiair is just one way it is bringing the power of cleanroom technology to new contexts.

Mobile HEPA filtration

Guardiair can supply powerful HEPA-standard air filtration as both a free-standing mobile appliance or an installed component, making it easier and simpler than ever before to set up clean environments. Additional units can be used to increase the filtra-tion capacity of larger spaces, and Guardiair can be moved from room-to-room depending on needs; so several units can be used to meet variable occupancy needs throughout a facility.

Cleanroom-grade performance

While other air filtration products may only give the appearance of making spaces safer, Guardiair is actually capable of cleanroom-grade performance. Like a lifeguard on duty or a fire extinguisher ready-to-go, when Guardiair is in the room, people can feel more confident and breathe easier.

Clean Rooms International develops Guardiair air filtration


    1. GS HEPA filter: 99.99% efficiency at 0.3 microns*
    2. Merv 8 prefilter
    3. Indicator light for changing the HEPA filter
    4. Variable speed control
    5. Perforated aluminum face screen
    6. Casters with brakes
    7. Power cord
    8. Optional integrated UV-C high-output germicidal lamp

*Optional ULPA filter 99.9995% efficiency with a most pene-trating particle size (MPPS)

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