C2C set to deliver cleanroom for electric vehicle batteries

Published: 24-Aug-2022

Delivered in Sunderland, the 250 sqm cleanroom is part of an £18m consortium project to develop and scale production for electric vehicle batteries

Connect 2 Cleanrooms has finished an electric vehicle battery cleanroom in the UK.

Driving the Electronic Revolution Industrialisation Centres (DER-IC), Newcastle University and Sunderland County Council make up the consortium, with C2C lending its cleanroom expertise to the northeast centre.

The cleanroom achieves ISO Class 8 and has three main zones - a 240 sqm main area, a chase area, and a link corridor. The bright and open main area will create a flexible space for equipment layouts, allowing the process flow to be optimised. Data points and sockets are provided to the main area.

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Large floor-to-ceiling vision panels allow daylight into the facility. They also allow visitors to oversee processes without entering the cleanroom, keeping the critical area protected.

The suspended ceiling is walkable for ease of access for maintenance and repairs. This design reduces downtime for the cleanroom, as engineers can complete any repairs to fan filter units from above the ceiling.

The cleanroom features the project's distinctive branding to create a real showpiece within the industrialisation Centre.

C2C set to deliver cleanroom for electric vehicle batteries

Reducing energy consumption was a key focus during the project. With comfort cooling and air change rates to meet particle counts according to ISO Class 8, air recirculation dramatically lowers the required intake of air that needs to be treated.

Recirculation is managed through integrated air return panels, providing energy efficiency and cost savings without compromising on floor space. LED panel lighting further controls energy expenditure in the facility.

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