Bigneat redesigns Chemcap Clearview ductless fume cabinets

To improve their operation

Chemcap Clearview ductless fume cabinets have been re-designed

Bigneat, a global supplier of ductless fume hoods and cabinets, has re-designed the Chemcap Clearview ductless fume cabinets to improve their usability.

The new range features an easy-to-use touch-button on/off control panel with incorporated service due indicator and audible low airflow. View of the working area is an unobstructed all-round 360º, which makes the cabinets comfortable to use for long periods.

‘Tear drop’ shaped arm access apertures are provided in smaller cabinets and trapezium shaped access for sizes above 1000mm width, front access flaps are lockable and face velocity is maintained at 0.5m/s.

Waterlooville, Hampshire, UK-based Bigneat says a multi-purpose or universal filter (MP) should be selected when the Clearview fume cabinet is to be used for a variety of different procedures. However for best performance, when it is known what chemical compounds predominate, the firm recommends an optimised filter, which will give the best retention capacity and a long filter life.

Optimised filters are manufactured for organics (OS), acids (H+), formaldehyde (F), ammonia (AM) and radioactive iodine (Ri). When certain fuming chemical compounds are handled or retention of particles is required then a Chemcap filter should be used in combination with a HEPA (HP) filter.

Bigneat has improved airflows in the redesigned cabinets so that more of the carbon media within the filter is utilised. This has resulted in an improvement of 20% in the retention of potentially hazardous toxic chemicals.

An optional extra for a Chemcap Clearview cabinet is a cupboard/stand unit fitted with lockable castors

An optional extra is a cupboard/stand unit fitted with lockable castors, which make it fully portable.

The Chemcap Clearview may also be fitted with a ‘Services Option’, which includes a swan neck water tap with drip cup and gas tap.

Bigneat’s managing director Robert Monks commented: “We have improved our cabinet range, incorporated modern technology into the controls and yet by using modern manufacturing techniques have managed to keep the same price as the previous models.”