AM presents new cleanroom and training centre


The new facility will increase the level of training for employees in the company’s CPT, life science, and build groups

AM presents new cleanroom and training centre

AM Technical Solutions (AM) has lifted the lid on the buildout of a new internal cleanroom and training centre. 

An AM spokesperson said: “Having a technical facility to provide cleanroom training to our employees will enable us to deliver timely and effective instruction to grow the capabilities of our teams”.

Key aspects of the cleanroom training facility

The new facility includes all of the critical components of a real-world cleanroom that employees will encounter at a customer’s job site. The company is focusing on areas such as wall components, ceiling components, and flooring.

The set-up at the facility will enable training on cleanroom design, installation, construction, and airflow testing. AM will also be able to test some of its own material in a clean environment as needed.

  • A walk through of the testing requirements and steps for certifying a cleanroom’s airflow and particle levels with the company's CPT team.
  • Training for AM’s installation team on how the cleanroom components go together.
  • The ability to walk through CQV concepts with its Life Science group.

The new facility takes AM’s training to the next level by focusing on critical aspects of cleanroom projects, skills improvement, and helping our employees advance our solutions for customers.

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“Members of the AM team are prepared to bring value to our clients, their fellow employees, and our company,” said Sandeep Davé, Chief Business Officer. “We are eager to deliver even greater value to our stakeholders by providing employees with access to a first-class cleanroom training facility.”