AM Technical Solutions acquires Dallas-based cleanroom construction company

Published: 23-Oct-2014

Builds on its business in high-tech environments and brings new in-house capabilities

AM Technical Solutions (AMTS), an Austin, Texas-based engineering, procurement, and construction management firm company has completed the acquisition of Dallas-based L&L Maintenance Company and L&L Cleanroom Construction, for an undisclosed sum.

L&L was founded in 1981 and has a large customer base in the Southwest and Southeast regions of the US.

The acquisition builds on the AMTS’s global footprint and delivery of cleanroom construction solutions in high-tech environments. It also brings new in-house capability to expand the company’s integrated solution-based approach to clean environments.

‘This acquisition will allow us now to bring complete architectural cleanroom builds to our existing customer base as well as continue to expand an ever-growing base of semiconductor, life science, and university clients that L&L has had over the last 30-plus years,’ said Tim Glasson, AMTS SVP of Corporate Development.

L&L’s Operations Manager, Robert Logston, added: ‘We could not be happier with the successful consummation of this deal. We have been building a relationship over the last two years with AMTS’s senior management team and it became evident that the company’s cultures aligned and that together we could bring better solutions to our customers.’

The acquisition also expands AMTS’s footprint into the Dallas semiconductor market as well as several university and pharmaceutical clients. The L&L team will continue to service its existing customers and will now have the expanded capability and financial strength to offer more to these clients.

AMTS is a NEBB-Certified company having completed over 5,000 projects including construction management, cleanroom certification, design/build, QA/QC analytical testing, and cleanroom testing.

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