New from Norwood

Published: 22-Aug-2002

Norwood Partition Systems has developed its Clárus range of wall and ceiling products for the pharmaceutical industry. There are three modules available, the ClárusLabline, the ClárusEnviro and the ClárusCeiling.

The ClarusLabline modular walls have been installed in clean rooms worldwide, and the system is readily adaptable to meet British and US cleanroom classification standards.

The key features are a high quality steel construction, epoxy/polyester powder coating finish, manual or automatic doors, and bespoke factory finished adaptations.

The ClárusEnviro has partitions that are inert, non-particle shedding and designed to form a sealed clean room envelope with the minimum of horizontal edges, enabling compliance with validation procedures.

ClárusCeilings are a tile and grid construction, which means they are a load bearing ceiling consisting of a grid system supported by heavy duty rods. The tiles are capable of holding a 90kg load, based on the maximum 1500 x 1500mm modular size.

The system provides for the addition of customised designs such as high efficient particle air (HEPA) filters, lights and other dedicated services. The ClárusCeiling's design also ensures simple wire management and easy maintenance accessibility.

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