Microgenetics to hold free environmental monitoring webinar

Published: 15-Sep-2020

Microgenetics is holding a free webinar Thursday 17 September at 2pm on how to get more out of environmental monitoring data

To get an accurate picture of what is going on in a cleanroom, the process of environmental monitoring relies on the collection of large amounts of data, collected via settle plates, place contact plates, finger dabs and air samples. This data needs to be supplemented with metadata: who collected the data, at what time, temperature of the cleanroom, air pressure – to name just a few.

All of this information is then stored in a database, or perhaps an Excel spreadsheet. The next task is how to draw useful insights from this abundance of information.

"You don’t know where to begin, your database is so vast it’s dizzying. You are drowning in your data," says Microgenetics.

"If this sounds familiar, then our upcoming webinar, how to get the most out of your environmental monitoring data, is for you. Held at 2pm on 17th September, we will go through a useful framework we use here at Microgenetics to help you draw out insight from your environmental monitoring data and perhaps gain a new-found confidence. Persuaded?"

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