Lab Innovations: A good reason to take time out of the lab

Published: 21-Sep-2016

Conferences, seminars and new products for cleanroom and lab users will be in abundance at Lab Innovations 2016

Lab Innovations, the UK’s only event dedicated to laboratory professionals, presents attendees with the opportunity to network with like-minded individuals, generate new business leads, source new suppliers and develop a deeper industry understanding from leading names.

Thanks to the expanding healthcare, pharmaceutical and biotechnology sectors, the cleanroom technology market has been experiencing continuous growth, with no signs of slowing down.

Similarly, stringent regulatory frameworks and increased demand for product testing, quality assurance and clinical research mean that there is higher demand than ever to bring safer, more efficient solutions to counteract the issues facing the industry.

With this in mind, those attending the show will be presented with the opportunity to attend a four-stream series of free, thought-provoking sessions, totalling more than 35 hours of professional content, which seek to tackle these ongoing issues.

Elemental chemistry

The Royal Society of Chemistry, the world’s leading chemistry community, will once again host a two-day conference in its own dedicated theatre. The conference will feature leading speakers from the industry, who will discuss the hot topics of digital healthcare and elemental discovery.

Professor Jim Al-Khalili, British Scientist, theorist, author and broadcaster, will headline the first day of the conference. His presentation ‘Is Life Quantum Mechanical? The Emerging Science of Quantum Biology’ will explore the exciting new field of quantum biology and what it might mean for the science community.

On day two of the conference, attendees can join Greg Foot, science presenter for the BBC, for his keynote session, as he explores ‘Labs at the Extremes’.

He will discuss his trek to the world’s highest pop-up lab at Everest Base Camp and his dive 1,000ft below the ocean to measure the health of the planet’s beating heart.

Those interested in the separation and analysis of compounds must see Diane Turner, Senior Consultant and Director at Anthias Consultants, who will provide an overview of the different sampling and sample preparation methods that can be automated onto a gas chromatograph. She will also discuss the best technique for your application.

In addition, Caroline Raine, Chemical legislation expert at the National Chemical Emergency Centre, will also take to the stage to present ‘Poison Centres – what CLP Article 45 means for industry’.

ISO/IEC 17025 update The British Measurement and Testing Association’s (BMTA’s) previously sold-out conference returns to the show, with a discounted price for all Lab Innovations attendees. This has additional benefits for visitors looking for essential industry updates on ISO/IEC 17025, the international standard relating to the management of laboratories, and its revision.

Attendees will be informed on the current state in the revision process and the effect of likely changes on UK laboratories from UKAS-approved professional speakers.

Food and drink

Campden BRI’s popular interactive sessions will again return for 2016, looking to address three key topics related to food and drink.

These sessions will provide an insight into core areas of activity from the food and drink manufacturing industry, including microbiology, chemistry and sensory themes.

The conference will kick off with an interactive session, ‘Tastes great – Prove it!’, hosted by Sue Purcell, Section Manager of Sensory Training at Campden BRI.

During her workshop, Purcell will explore the world of sensory tasting and demonstrate how we can use sensory science methodology to guarantee any on-pack sensory claims.

Roy Betts, Head of Microbiology at Campden BRI, will host the second session, ‘The Bug Tucker Challenge: would you eat bacteria, mould or algae?’, where he will consider how micro-organisms are beneficial to our diet. Betts will also give attendees the opportunity to hear about the creation and manufacture of ‘microbial’ foods, with an optional testing element too.

The final presentation will be by David Bellis, Analyst, Chromatography, and Danielle Cawdron, Packaging Group Manager, Campden BRI.

The session, ‘From the Lab to the Label: Salt, sodium and other elements’, will explain how food is measured and labelled before exploring element profiles of food, showing where it has come from and what it claims to be. They will also analyse how food is tested for beneficial elements, such as selenium and iodine, and for those that are toxic, such as lead and mercury.

New for 2016, Campden BRI will be hosting two one-day seminars, which are free exclusively to Lab Innovations attendees.

These sessions will offer insight into issues affecting the food and drink industry that have a wider impact on other sectors.

Attendees will be presented with the opportunity to hear first-hand experiences from professionals supporting core activity in the food microbiology industry.

The first seminar, held on Wednesday, 2 November, will focus on ‘Current Challenges in Food Microbiology’.

This session will illustrate the key areas and challenges that face microbiologists at Campden BRI as a result of advances in microbiological testing.

This is an ideal learning opportunity for microbiologists, virologists, food safety managers and hygiene team members.

Food microbiology Continuing to showcase the programme’s depth will be the second seminar session, titled ‘Food Microbiology Method Testing: validation versus verification’.

Few can argue that we need to be able to test foods for micro-organisms and obtain these results quickly. But do we know if these new test methods are appropriate and whether the results they produce are comparable to older methods? The session will focus on MicroVal, a microbiological test method certification scheme that is being used to rigorously test these new methods.

Those in attendance will hear about the role of MicroVal, the benefits of method testing and certification and the detail of the ISO 16140 standard that is used to validate test methods.

Leading line-up of exhibitors

Lab Innovations brings together the most important suppliers and decision-makers from the industry to meet and do business.

Visitors will have access to more than 120 leading international suppliers, who will showcase their latest products and innovations to the UK market.

These include Bibby Scientific, Strata Technology, Delta 2000, Eppendorf UK, Getinge Group, Labcold, Interfocus, Powder Systems Ltd, Scientific Laboratory Supplies and Honeywell.

More than a third of exhibiting companies will use the show to introduce their new products for the first time in the UK. For instance, International Scientific Group will exhibit its range of innovative products at this year’s Lab Innovations, including its Fume Cupboards, Biosafety Cabinets and Xacto Pipettors.

Also using Lab Innovations as the launch pad for its new product will be Powder Systems Ltd (PSL). It will present the next generation of its glass filter dryer, a unique laboratory nutsche filter dryer, allowing for small scale filtration, washing, drying and full recovery of APIs or other compounds following the reaction or crystallisation process.

ESCO will display its new Airstream Class II Biological Safety Cabinet, the world’s most advanced energy-efficient, quiet and compact biosafety cabinet. The Airstream Class II features the use of two ULPA filters to deliver ISO Class 3 air cleanliness to the work zone.

Bigneat, a manufacturer of enclosures for laboratory automation – for clean air, biological/bio-hazard and controlled environment enclosures – will market its safety cabinets and hoods.

It is launching the BR MINI TWO small safety cabinet, providing protection for both operator and process, and its Optiflow Safety Workstation, that provides unrestricted access for laboratory procedures.

The company’s Chemcap Clearview Ductless Fume Cabinets, known for their efficient carbon and HEPA filtration and clear all-round view of the working area, will also be on display.

Gas Control Equipment will present its new FMD320 series of cylinder regulators, and its new lab outlet points – the EM3100.

Meanwhile, Scientific Support Services will preview its new range of laboratory gas generators.

Spectronic Camspec will showcase its range of analytical scientific instruments, including spectrophotometers, FTIR spectrophotometers, mercury analysers, polarimeters, refractometers, flame photometers and a comprehensive range of electrochemical instrumentation for all laboratories.

Monmouth Scientific will present an array of products, including its new Guardian range of biological safety cabinets, which provide the very latest features available in Class II cabinets.  It will also display its Circulaire Laminar Flow Cabinets, which utilise the best possible ULPA filters.

Finally, Monmouth Scientific will be showcasing its Circulaire Filtration Fume Cupboards, which are available in two types. The first features a Visionaire full colour touch screen control system, while the second features low airflow alarms.

Visitors looking for spectrometers should head to the GPE Scientific stand, where the company will be showcasing its NMReady 60 Pro, the next generation of NMR spectrometers. This benchtop model can be tuned to acquire spectra for many conventional spin active nuclei, enhancing its utility for characterising a broad range of natural and synthetic products.

At the time of going to press, other relevant exhibitors include: Contained Air Solutions, CTS Europe, Dycem, PMT GB, Schneider Electric, SHIELD Scientific, SUEZ Water Purification Systems, Validair Euro and Veolia Water Technologies.

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