Helapet unveils new sporicide trigger spray

Published: 10-Nov-2016

The company takes the stress out of sporicides with the launch of new SteriSpor sterile trigger spray

The company has introduced an all new sterile sporicidal trigger spray for fast acting elimination of spore contamination in cleanroom environments.

SteriSpor is a stable hypochlorous acid (HOCl) preparation developed to minimise the risk of viable spores during aseptic transfer of cleanroom materials and to treat non-product surfaces.

Demonstrating a greater than 3 log reduction of viable spores in less than 1 minute, SteriSpor meets necessary EN standards and exceeds the latest UK efficacy guidelines.

The minimal residue reduces removal time and presents a very low corrosion risk to cleanroom equipment, isolators and furniture.

Classified as non-hazardous and emitting very low odour, SteriSpor provides assured safe handling for cleanroom operators.

The sporicidal becomes part of Helapet’s comprehensive range of cleanroom sprays and wipes (impregnated and dry), all supplied fully cleanroom processed, double bagged and sterile.

For additional information and to request free samples, email sales@helapet.co.uk or call T (0)800 0328 428.

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