Crowthorne Group

Crowthorne Group is the largest independent supplier of clean air and containment services to the UK and Ireland, and fast becoming one of the largest in Europe

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Crowthorne Group specialises in the commissioning, servicing and validation of:

  • Cleanrooms and sterile environments for the pharmaceutical, health care and micro-electronics industries
  • Clean air equipment and microbiological safety cabinets
  • Medical, pharmaceutical & patient isolators
  • Fume cupboards and LEV systems
  • Containment facilities including ACDP & DEFRA Level 3 & 4

The benefits to you:

You will receive impartial advice and guidance thanks to our independent status.

Peace of mind - With our servicing and validation services, you can be confident your equipment is operating and performing at its best.

Your equipment can be up and running again quickly, should something break or fail. Crowthorne Group offers an extensive range of spare parts and filters either from our own stock or from our wide network of partners.

With Technical Service Engineers located throughout the UK and Ireland, we can get to you quickly, that includes emergency callouts.

Crowthorne Group has its Head Office in Fleet, Hampshire with regional offices in East Kilbride and Dublin. During its 35+ years in business, we’ve established a trusted national and international reputation with works around the world for many ‘blue-chip’ companies and governmental organisations. Additionally, the Crowthorne Group team is actively involved in the preparation of British and European standards, with highly experienced Senior Management members sitting on, and providing technical advice to Standard committees. Crowthorne Group is also employed as technical advisers for major projects including PFI hospitals, major containment facilities, governmental agencies and construction companies.

In addition to its involvement with the preparation of Standards, the company has corporate and individual membership with a number of trade associations including:

  • Scottish Society for Contamination Control
  • Irish Cleanroom Society
  • Pharmaceutical & Healthcare Services
  • Royal Society of Chemistry
  • Institute of Occupational Hygiene

Crowthorne Group also continues to actively promote the development of training and certification of those involved with the validation of cleanrooms and clean air equipment and sits on the CTCB Advisory Committee in both Scotland (S2C2) and Ireland (ICS). This includes training on the preparatory courses and the provision of examiners.

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