CleanSpace Cleanrooms fixes air quality issue for Single Quantum

Published: 28-Mar-2024

Single photon detection technology expert Single Quantum chose Netherlands-based CleanSpace Cleanrooms to fix their lab problem

CleanSpace Cleanrooms has helped Single Quantum fix an air quality issue in its hi-tech cleanroom.

Single Quantum is a provider of "single photon detection technology".

The Netherlands-based company's light-sensitive productions have now been used by more than 200 academic and industrial laboratories worldwide to perform complex optical measurements.

Netherlands-based CleanSpace (not to be confused with the US-based company), was brought on board after a single large lab space was divided into several smaller spaces at Single Quantum. 

Following this change, there started to be complaints about the air quality in these new spaces in Delft.

Problems with air quality occurred after a single large lab space was divided into several smaller spaces at Single Quantum

"There appeared to be increased production rejection due to regular contamination of the measuring equipment," CleanSpace explained. "Single Quantum then asked CleanSpace Cleanrooms to what extent this could be prevented in a cost-effective manner."

CleanSpace's work included improving the air quality in the lab areas and protecting the process.

CleanSpace explained that it distributed the available air over the different rooms, so that each room had its own cooled and filtered air intake.

CleanSpace Cleanrooms recommended a wall-to-wall downflow unit

"In order to properly remove the heavier particles in particular, a low extraction of air from the rooms was desirable," the company explained. "For the extra clean, particle-free production area, we recommended a wall-to-wall downflow unit, which allowed the various process steps to be protected against particle contamination under an extremely clean laminar air flow.

CleanSpace also advised that users in critical areas wear adequate, non-marking cleanroom clothing.

At the end of January 2024, the project was delivered and Single Quantum was satisfied.


Image credit: CleanSpace Cleanrooms

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