Camfil plans 2,300 sqm R&D expansion at Technical Centre in Sweden

Published: 29-Jun-2021

Camfil has planned the new expansion unit intends to meet the growing demands for filtration solutions

Camfil Group is expanding its ultramodern technical centre in Trosa, Sweden and the work is planned to complete by the end of 2021.

The new expansion unit will spread over 2,300 sqm in area and intends to meet the growing demands of Camfil's filtration solutions. The rising demand for energy-efficient, sustainable clean air products will help protect people's health along with the reduced impact on the environment.

The long-term contribution of the energy savings filtration solutions will create a revolutionary impact as clean air and its importance are part of the global agenda. The significantly larger research and development area will also be used for test and learn practices that will enhance the customer experience at the Tech Centre.

Another part of the area will be dedicated to machinery upgrade and process development that includes research and development of raw material that can deliver products with even higher performance. With advanced material science, Camfil will develop innovative materials and machinery for the next generation of sustainable high-performance air filters.

The Tech Centre in Trosa has five laboratories that contribute towards research and innovation in particle filtration, HEPA technology, molecular filtration, indoor air quality (IAQ) and the gas turbine industry. The new area is built to increase the research capacity, especially within molecular contamination control, filtration for power generation, and energy-efficient and sustainable raw materials.

Due to current global trends as energy saving, sustainability, and health awareness, Camfil expects the intensity of research and development to increase significantly over the next few years. The increased efforts in R&D will provide ultra-modern energy-efficient and sustainable clean air filtration solutions.

The laboratory has ISO 9001 international standard for a quality management system which proves Camfil's ability to consistently provide solutions that meet customer and regulatory requirements with an aim for continuous improvement. Additionally, the research and development team is preparing to be ISO/IEC 17025 standard accredited with the new laboratory.

"The expansion of the Tech Centre facility will greatly increase our R&D and process development capacity," said Anders Sundvik, VP of R&D at Camfil. "The timing is working in the best interest as we foresee a strong trend for increased awareness about the importance of clean air. The clean air trend has become even more evident during the pandemic as removal of harmful pathogens from the indoor air is high on the agenda. The demand for highly efficient and sustainable air filters is constantly growing, globally. This fact and advances in process technology and material science render new opportunities. Camfil's team is dedicated to providing high-tech solutions that protect people and the business."

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