Camfil Middle East wins prestigious trophy

Published: 10-Nov-2021

The HVAC specialist has won Manufacturer of the Year (Air Treatment) at Climate Control Awards 2021

Camfil Middle East has won the Manufacturer/Supplier of the Year (Air Treatment) at the 11th annual Climate Control Awards, held on 14th September in Dubai, UAE.

This year, the dominant business sentiment revolves around the fight against the pandemic and the challenging environment. The other focus points remain sustainability in business, good indoor air quality, protecting the environment, and ensuring safety.

Another crucial aspect of consideration for the Awards Committee - including the jury and the third-party auditing firm, which monitored the evaluation of submissions - was, "To what extent is the HVACR industry serving the regional and global communities in mitigating the climate crisis and in safeguarding the built- environment?"

The Award is one of the most prestigious in the industry, and Camfil won in this category while contesting with several other HVACR manufacturers in the region.

"This last year was very challenging, due to the impact of COVID-19 on the entire supply chain. We had to ensure that our critical customers (Hospitals, Power Plants, Pharmaceutical Laboratories, Food and Beverage Facilities) would not face any shutdown related to air filter replacement," said Stéphane Ruiz, Managing Director, Middle East. "Most importantly, our filtration solutions helped our customers to mitigate the risk of COVID-19 in many healthcare facilities and ensured that people can get back to work safely. As a responsible supplier of air filters, we reached out to many customers through webinars and educated them on the critical need for air filtration."

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