Albian Group completes work on Faes Farma clean production

Published: 3-Aug-2023

The Spain-based company has completed work on the pharmaceutical enclosures, the changing room, and the passbox equipment

Spain-based Albian Group has completed work on the new FAES FARMA plant in the Derio Technology Park (Vizcaya).

The new facility is ready, with a view to being able to start operating at full capacity at the beginning of 2024 after the relevant validations.

Albian Group has participated in the construction of these new facilities of the pharmaceutical company, which will have the capacity to manufacture up to 117 million units of medicines per year.

The Albian team in this project was given responsibility for the production plants, microbiology laboratories and sampling areas, serving these functions:

  • Design, construction and installation of the entire set of pharmaceutical enclosures: panels, ceilings, floors, windows, doors
  • Design and manufacture of furniture for the changing room area: lockers and GMP benches
  • Design and manufacture of various PASSBOX equipment

Albian Group is specialised in contamination-controlled environments, focused on the pharmaceutical, biotechnology and related sectors.

"We are pleased to have been able to participate in the creation of this new production centre of Faes Farma," the company stated. "[It] is a promising company with great international projection as a manufacturer of a wide repertoire of medicines that serve to improve people's health."

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