Vaksindo chooses Intraco to build new GMP facility

Published: 7-Sep-2022

Vietnam-based Intraco has provided an update on the progression of the new build, that is in the processing of reviewing HVAC and compressed air systems

Intraco has provided an update on the progress of its latest GMP project for leading Indonesian veterinary health firm Vaksindo.

The veterinary medicine and vaccine facility for Vaksindo is part of a series of pharmaceutical factory construction projects by INTRACO E&C in recent months.

Up to now, the project has been constructed with lightning speed, and the basic foundations have been completed and some finishing works too. These parts have been done, ensuring the maximum possible limitation of cross-contamination, easy cleaning, and resistance to outside intrusion (dust, insects, etc..).

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The outside area has been completed with basic internal concrete road system and is expected to be completely completed in October 2022.

HVAC systems, electrical systems, water filtration and waste treatment systems, fire alarm systems, other compressed air systems, etc., are being reviewed in detail before construction begins in the next 1-2 months, to ensure strict compliance with general regulations on GMP WHO, and BLS3.

As expected, the project will be completed, accepted and put into operation after 14 months from the commencement date, (June 2023).

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