Sterigenics and Noxilizer in deal to provide NO2 sterilisation

Published: 3-Oct-2017

Agreement supports customers with global pharma, biotech and medical device manufacturing networks

Noxilizer and Sterigenics International have signed a global agreement that will make Sterigenics the exclusive worldwide provider of nitrogen dioxide (NO2) contract sterilisation services, as well as feasibility and research studies, to the pharmaceutical, biotech and medical device manufacturing industries.

NO2-based sterilisation was first commercialised by Noxilizer in 2012. Customers prefer NO2 sterilisation for its key advantages: ultra-low temperature (10°-30°C), minimal pressure requirements, no cytotoxic residuals, and fast cycle times (2-4 hours, including aeration), says Noxilizer.

NO2 sterilisation opens new avenues for medical device innovation and has been shown to be particularly effective in the sterilisation of prefilled syringes, drug-device combination products, and custom implants.

Sterigenics is a vertically integrated sterilisation company offering outsourced contract sterilisation services, laboratory services, gamma technologies and medical isotopes.

"We are very excited about our partnership with Sterigenics, as together we can rapidly expand NO2 sterilisation capability for our customers," said Lawrence Bruder, President & CEO of Noxilizer. "Noxilizer’s customers will now have large-scale facilities to meet their needs for contract services, redundancy and increasing volumes."

"Sterigenics is committed to providing our customers with efficient, state-of-the-art sterilisation services using the processes best suited to their specific products," said Philip Macnabb, President of Sterigenics. "We regularly monitor new technologies and are excited to be able to add NO2 processing to our suite of offerings."

Noxilizer expects to have the first NO2 sterilisation systems in place and operational in select Sterigenics’ facilities in the US and Europe by the end of the year with additional installations to follow. As part of the agreement, Sterigenics will also offer NO2 sterilisation consulting services to its customers.

Customers will also be able to benefit from the integrated testing services available through Sterigenics International’s Nelson Laboratories business.

"This unique combination of cutting edge sterilisation technologies, expert consulting support, and full-service testing services will provide customers with unrivalled support in getting products to market quickly and reliably," said Jeff Nelson, President of Nelson Labs.

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