Shield Scientific launches SHIELDskin Xtreme Sterile ORANGE NITRILE 300 DI gloves

Published: 17-May-2013

Glove of choice for critical aseptic applications

The most demanding critical needs for the pharmaceutical, biotechnological and medical device industries are being addressed with the introduction of the SHIELDskin Xtreme Sterile ORANGE NITRILE 300 DI Glove.

If you double-glove, then the brightly coloured SHIELDskin Xtreme Sterile ORANGE NITRILE 300 DI Glove make the perfect inner-glove as part of a perforation indicator system. The gloves undergo extra laundering cycles to ensure effortless donning of the outer-glove.

The unique formulation of nitrile with a blend of neoprene provides enhanced comfort and improves the overall chemical resistance profile of the gloves.

To provide the highest level of cleanliness, these gloves undergo washing with deionised water and every batch comes with a Certificate of Conformance with data on critical elements such as particles, endotoxins and chemical residues.

Your wellbeing is assured through the proprietary synthetic formulation, which eliminates the risk of latex protein allergy. Furthermore the gloves are accelerator-free, which reduces the potential for developing glove-induced chemical allergy.

To underline their chemical resistance properties, the gloves have undergone extensive chemical permeation testing according to EN374-3: 2003. For operators handling cytotoxic agents, then their compatibility for this sort of work is assured through their compliance to ASTM D6978-05.

For critical aseptic applications, the SHIELDskin Xtreme Sterile ORANGE NITRILE 300 DI Glove is the glove of choice.

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