Longer gloves are better for sterile processing

Published: 23-Aug-2012

SHIELD Scientific adds 40cm and 60cm sterile latex and nitrile gloves to XTREME range

Those who are familiar with working in a sterile environment will be acutely aware of that frustration when your gloves roll down your sleeve exposing bare skin. This may be most noticeable when stretching the arms to pick up an item. Such an incident could compromise product quality leading to expensive batch failure. Similarly if you’re working with hazardous agents, then you may also be putting yourself at risk.

SHIELD Scientific, a glove manufacturer specialising in cleanroom and laboratory applications, says it has seen a sharp increase in demand for longer sterile gloves and to address this need has launched a range of 40cm (16in) and 60cm (24in) sterile latex and nitrile gloves.

SHIELDskin XTREME sterile latex and nitrile 400 (40cm) and 600 (60cm) DI+ gloves are anatomically designed, thereby providing a comfortable fit, the firm says. They are also registered as Category III PPE according to Directive 89/686/EEC, as you would expect for gloves that may be used with hazardous substances.

The gloves are triple-washed in deionised water to ensure that they are clean enough for the most stringent sterile manufacturing operations and are compatible for use in ISO Class 4 and EU GMP Class A environments.

In common with all SHIELDskin XTREME sterile gloves, they are supplied with lot-specific documented performance, including proven low levels of endotoxin.

Whether seeking full arm or elbow-length protection, users can be sure that these gloves will provide a superior level of arm protection than that afforded by standard cleanroom gloves, the firm says.

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