GMP cleaning: Saving energy, time and cleaning agents in process cleaning

Published: 3-Jun-2024

Machines and systems in hygienic design and optimised cleaning processes, resources can be saved for cleaning, and system availability can be improved. The mixing and dispersion technology specialist ystral has developed different technical solutions for effective cleaning. Denis Hunn from ystral discusses

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The rules of hygienic design aim for complete cleaning and emptying of a machine or plant with the lowest possible use of cleaning agents.

ystral machines and plants are increasingly designed according to these rules: Every flange, every seal of a mixer or disperser has been designed in a way to enable easy and complete cleaning – without gaps, threads or hidden zones.

Even areas such as the underside of a mixer flange can be cleaned without shadows by means of special cleaning heads.

Disperser used as CIP pump

In order to render cleaning processes as easily as possible and limit the time needed for cleaning, ystral integrates CIP technology directly into the system, and the conveyor effect of the available machines is used for cleaning whenever possible – a separate pump is then no longer needed.

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