Proxy Biomedical expands medical implants facility

Published: 4-Jan-2016

Expansion and new technologies will support increased demand across key markets

Proxy Biomedical, a manufacturer of biomaterial-based products for medical implants, has announced a 'substantial' facility expansion at its premises in Spiddal, Co. Galway, Ireland.

The firm says the expansion is a direct result of new business and continued revenue growth supported by new products launched during 2015.

These new products include resorbable and non-resorbable biomaterial solutions for vascular indications. The company says it is now a leading supplier of PTFE encapsulation for stents, in addition to offering biomaterial coatings for structural heart implants, as well as occlusion and retrieval devices.

Other new products include Proxy Bio-XT, a proprietary process that reinforces resorbable implants for applications such as soft tissue fixation in sports medicine and orthopaedics, and ProTEX Med polypropylene for use in the manufacture of implantable textiles, facilitating the approval process for products, such as hernia mesh, used in general surgery.

To accommodate these additional technologies and services and to meet growing demand, Proxy Biomedical will expand its facility, which is due for completion in the second quarter of this year.

The company will double its cleanroom manufacturing facilities, introducing a suite of new technologies and biomaterial conversion processes.

The firm also expects to expand its solutions portfolio for resorbable biomaterials in both textiles and solid implants. Pre-clinical trials are scheduled to evaluate innovative antimicrobial implantable materials, while the company’s coating capabilities are set for further expansion, to accommodate an ever greater range of indications.

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