PPE recycling firm ReFactory partners with CES following rebrand

Published: 22-Feb-2023

The UK-based recycling firm has rebranded from ReWorked to ReFactory

UK-based recycling firm and MYGroup company, ReWorked, has rebranded to ReFactory.

The company offers collection, treatment and processing of many waste types and then utilises them to create new products either for the open market or back into the original producer's supply chain or products for use in everyday life.

Now in 2023, Critical Environment Solutions has announced its partnership with MYReFactory to recycle all of its PPE waste including overshoes, facemasks, gloves, aprons, oversleeves etc.

Fellow cleanroom firm Bouygues is another affiliate using the company for PPE recycling. Signing up to the service in May 2021.

Greener than green

ReFactory also announced a big investment in solar for its Hull site towards the end of 2022. In an effort to make its operations more eco-friendly.

"220kwh of solar electricity will help support our offices, board manufacturing and waste processing on site," said Group Director, Steven Carrie, in a LinkedIn post.

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