Parker domnick hunter starts UK production of automated bioprocess systems

Published: 2-May-2017

The move will enable European markets to be serviced more effectively by shortening the supply chain

In March, international bioprocessing solutions provider Parker domnick hunter – a division of the Parker Hannifin corporation and a specialist in motion and control technologies – strengthened its European operation by enhancing its manufacturing capabilities at its Birtley, UK site. The facility will now manufacture the company’s automated systems, complementing existing production at its site in Oxnard, California.

This is the first time that Parker domnick hunter – which designs, supplies and delivers single-use systems for pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical manufacturing – has manufactured automated systems in the UK. The move will enable European markets to be serviced more effectively, shortening the supply chain and making it easier for users to access automated systems and receive specialist technical support.

Offering the ability to manufacture automated systems from dual sites in the UK and USA will also provide additional assurance to customers and aid in their business continuity planning.

The division will manufacture a wide range of automated systems to European standards at the Birtley site, including the SciLog Filter and Dispense System,designed for bulk drug filter and dispense, the SciLog SciPure System, aGMP-ready system for tangential flow or normal flow filtration applications and the SciLog SciFlex System, which is used for tangential flow and normal flow filtration applications, from discovery to pilot-scale production.

Additional fabrication of stainless steel products used in the automated systems will be carried out at Parker domnick hunter’s fabrication unit in nearby Boldon, enabling the company to control more of the supply chain.

The news follows last year’s announcement about the installation of a new ISO Class 7 clean room at the Birtley premises which facilitated the production of single-use manifolds incorporating tubing, bioprocess containers, filters, sensors and other components for use in the bioprocessing industry.

Graeme Proctor, product manager, single-use technologies at Parker domnick hunter, said: “Our automated systems have been designed to improve process control and consistency, decrease batch turnaround times and increase operational flexibility, and we’re delighted to announce that they will now be manufactured in the UK as well as in California.”  

He added: “By bringing the manufacturing of our automated systems to the doorstep of our European customers, we will simplify project management and delivery enabling us to provide solutions to biopharmaceutical producers more quickly and efficiently. This, in turn, will help companies have more confidence in their own operational integrity."

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