PackMedical makes its debut

Published: 1-Oct-2009

US headquartered Automated Packaging Systems, the manufacturer of printed flexible bag packaging systems, has introduced PackMedical, which comprises the company’s new medical paper bags and the Autobag HD-E bagger for delivering fully automated in-the-bag sterilisation. Made up of a base web medical paper and a top web of PE/PE or PET PP, the new medical paper bags can be sterilised using gas, steam, formaldehyde or radiation.

The new heavy duty (HD-E) series of Autobag baggers has been designed specifically for optimum performance where thicker, tougher and stiffer films are required. The company says while the HD-E is based on existing Autobag technology, it also has brand new features that improve bag indexing, opening and sealing.

‘PackMedical is the culmination of 25 years’ experience working on medical packaging applications and is the result of a multi-year initiative to understand better the unique needs of medical device manufacturers, contract packers, hospitals and pharmacies,’ says Mike Healey of Automated Packaging Systems’ European arm located in Malvern, UK.

‘With our new medical paper bags and HD-E series are set to make big savings in time and costs for medical device manufacturers, contract packers, hospitals and pharmacies.’

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