Webinar: Cleanroom routine environmental monitoring and classification


Join Beckman Coulter and Cleanroom Technology's webinar on 14 September, 15:30 (BST)

Routine Environmental Monitoring in GMP cleanrooms is a manual process, involving thousands
of sample data points per month, manual data transcription and all too frequently data gaps and data integrity challenges.

This webinar discusses the difference between cleanroom classification and routine environmental monitoring and how routine environmental monitoring programs can be automated to help manage data integrity challenges.


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Tony Harrison held the Convenorship of the ISO Working Group revising ISO 14698-1 & -2 for microbial control in cleanrooms and was the UK subject matter expert to the ISO Working Group who created the current ISO 14644-1 & -2 documents for cleanroom classification at the heart of the aseptic manufacturing chapters of both the European GMP and the USA cGMP documents. Tony was also chief editor of the PHSS Best Practice Guide for Cleanroom Monitoring. Tony is employed by Beckman Coulter Life Sciences as a Senior Manager.

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