Watch live now: NASA streams from the Mars rover cleanroom

Published: 11-Jun-2019

Webchats are also being hosted daily for the rover team to answer questions from the public

UPDATE 13/11/19 – The Mars rover has returned from testing.

UPDATE 9/10/19 – The Mars rover has been removed for testing and will return in November.

Live stream found on NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory Youtube channel

NASA is now giving everyone a front row seat to the building of the new Mars rover, with a 27/4 webcam capturing the process inside the Jet Propulsion cleanroom.

The new rover is set to begin its journey to the red planet mid-2020. With Curiosity the last rover standing on Mars, NASA is excited to get the new build up and running.

NASA said: “Affectionately called ‘Seeing 2020,’ the webcam provides the video feed (without audio) from a viewing gallery above the cleanroom floor.

You can also watch and participate in live webchats with members of JPL’s social media team and the Mars 2020 team as they answer questions from the public about the mission.

These “Seeing 2020” webchats will occur Mon-Thu at 11 AM. and 4 PM PDT, with additional moderated chats when special activities (like drive tests) occur.

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