Turnkey mobile cleanroom containers from KleanLabs to any location

Published: 30-Nov-2022

It is key for market players to have the right tools at their disposal, allowing them to adjust their processes to demand

Flexibility has undoubtedly become one of the greatest features of leading companies in manufacturing and science. In times where market demand might shift overnight - just think about the emergence of COVID-19 and how fast hospitals and the biomedical sector had to react - it is key for market players to have the right tools at their disposal, allowing them to adjust their processes to demand. 

In clean room technology, this need has brought about the spread of modular clean room solutions that make it easy to expand or change the layout and configuration of a clean space. Mobile clean room containers take this flexibility to a whole new level, still fairly unknown in the industry. Mobile cleanroom containers offer a turnkey solution - a ready-to-use cleanroom built in a standard marine container - that you can ship anywhere in the world, adding extra capacity to any lab or manufacturing site. 

Introducing mobile cleanroom containers

KleanLabs is one of the leading cleanroom manufacturers, known for its cleanroom doors and pass boxes. Their engineering team is constantly developing clean room products and components based on both technological research and customer feedback. However, when it came to integrating them all into a small container, their engineers faced a serious challenge.

It’s no secret that the mobile clean room container has been brought to life after several years of hard work. But it was all worth the effort. The company has launched a unique, innovative solution to the market, the KleanLabs mobile cleanroom container, ready to change the way you think about clean room flexibility.

These portable cleanrooms are built in standard 20' or 40' HC containers, which makes them ideal for a variety of use cases, such as mini test laboratories or adding extra capacity.

Industrial applications and certifications

What’s more, their main advantage is that they’re cost-effective and highly customisable. These containers provide a clean environment and can be installed both indoors and outdoors, making them ideal for a wide range of applications such as biological, military, and medical laboratories as well as temporary workplaces.

Interior of KleanLabs mobile cleanroom container

Interior of KleanLabs mobile cleanroom container

Top three benefits of a mobile cleanroom container

Compared to the most frequently used modular cleanroom solutions, mobile cleanroom containers have some considerable advantages. They offer immediate availability, all you need is an adequate source of power and your portable cleanroom container is ready for use.


Relying on a standardised design in a marine container, KleanLabs® mobile cleanroom containers are at an affordable price level, offering exceptional value for money compared to traditional cleanrooms. The container is pre-designed and optimised to make full use of the space available, therefore there are no additional installation costs.  


Compared to other solutions, they require no assembly yet are easy to transport. The containers can be lifted from the bottom and above as well, and are compatible with various means of transport, such as ships, container trains, or trucks. Only the power supply needs to be disconnected and the system is ready to be moved.

KleanLabs container installation plan from a top view

KleanLabs container installation plan from a top view

Resistance to harsh conditions

The container's structural design makes it a robust system that protects sensitive internal equipment during transport. It is made of galvanised and painted steel, thus it is resistant to chemicals and physical impacts. All containers perform well in industrial environments and can withstand harsh weather conditions such as high humidity and salt air.

Limitations of a mobile cleanroom container

KleanLabs solutions are based on the ISO 14644 standard from Class 8 to 5, with ISO 5 being the cleanest class. Mobile cleanroom containers are ISO08 and ISO07 certified, higher cleanliness levels provoke additional costs.

Due to the standard size of containers, the floor area is in a ratio of 1:3 or 5:1, resulting in a relatively tight interior and limited arrangement options. If you’d like to learn more about KleanLabsm obile cleanroom containers, visit KleanLabs.com or get in touch personally.

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